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month twelve: giving up

It’s 2016, March already and for some reason I was compelled back here today after many months away. Part of it is my own completion complex, that thing in me … Continue reading

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month eleven: thankyouthankyou

As a kid, my prayers all started with this: “Dear God, thankyouthankyouthankyou for…” I was pretty sure that the more times I said thank you, the more sincere my prayer … Continue reading

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month ten: practice

Art month was fun, even though I didn’t actually make as much art as I thought I would.I made this really silly gif from pics of my bedhead every morning. … Continue reading

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month nine: artsy and/or fartsy

My August challenge of completing one of Lynda Barry’s daily diary exercises was probably my mildest challenge yet. It was short and fast and easy: A list of Things I Did, … Continue reading

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month eight: Lynda Barry’s daily diary

I admit it, turning the TV off for the month of July was not entirely successful. I cheated a bunch. I’d come home from work exhausted and sit and watch … Continue reading

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month seven: turn off the idiot box

 First, let me say that June’s sweet-free challenge was, for the most part, a little easier than I anticipated. I got cravings now and then and occasionally drooled longingly at … Continue reading

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month six: sweats and sweets

My month of mindfulness, in perfectly ironic fashion, lost most of its deliberateness about three-quarters of the way through. I stopped looking at my list of exercises because so many of … Continue reading

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month five: update – now, now

This month’s challenge of doing a different mindfulness exercise every day has, in many ways, been the easiest one I’ve done so far. It’s not that I’m so good at … Continue reading

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month five: mind empty/ mind full

For some time now, I’ve been aware, mindful you might say, of how I drift. Instead of feeling the skin/muscle/bone beneath my hands while giving a massage, I am building … Continue reading

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month four: update – jumping ship

This anti-procrastination month is going really well so far. There’s a small moment of panic each day when I realize I have to face something on my list. But I … Continue reading

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month four: eliminate the procrastinate

An incredibly unappealing list sits in my notebook right now. It’s a page and a half of things I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t. I wrote it out one … Continue reading

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month three: summary

It’s good to be happy with small accomplishments. That’s the size they come in where my writing is concerned. With just a few days to go, I’m confident I can reach … Continue reading

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month three: aim low and write

I’ve been writing and avoiding writing since I was a teenager. I used to read a lot about the writing life and all the myriad ways writers kept themselves on … Continue reading

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month two: summary

I’m whipping this post out before I head over to the yoga studio for class. I love the woman teaching this morning. It’s amazing how someone just giving a simple … Continue reading

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month two: update

I’m sixteen days in to my month of daily yoga and have run the gamut of emotions from elation to teeth-grinding frustration over what my body can and cannot do. Going … Continue reading

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month two: 28 days of yoga. 28 days of sober.

I’m not the kind of person to read a self-help book and follow through on the suggested activities, reflections, etc. I don’t want to keep a gratitude journal. I don’t … Continue reading

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month one: solo swim

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I am one for new projects. Or at least, continuing old projects that involve doing new things. So I’m back to it … Continue reading

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